Sexual Orientation: An Identity or Personal Desire?

Identity vs Preference In recent times, there has been a notable increase in discussions pertaining to the LGBTQ+ movement, leading to heated debates across various platforms. The promotion of understanding and inclusivity necessitates the practice of open-mindedness, active listening, and respectful dialogue, which unfortunately tend to be absent in these [...]

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Consumerism and Islam

Uzma Saeed  During the last holiday season, while passing by my neighbor's house, I couldn't help but notice their car parked outside the garage, prompting me to reflect on the epitome of the American dream. If you observe closely, you'll likely find many of your neighbors adopting the same [...]

2023-05-31T01:54:39+00:00May 31st, 2023|Islam|

What is Success?

Uzma Saeed Yesterday, I tuned in to a podcast where the host and guest were accomplished young men. They seemed to have everything one could desire - mingling with influential people, indulging in their purchases, and traveling to various places. It made me wonder if their lives could get [...]

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The Prophetic Way to a Fulfilling Life: Incorporating Gratitude into Your Daily Practice

Islam is a religion that emphasizes the importance of remembrance of God in all aspects of life. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to say a prayer on almost every occasion such as eating, drinking, sleeping, traveling, and entering one’s home. This article will highlight the psychological and [...]

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Freedom of Choice

The planet, and potentially even beyond, hosts a diverse array of living things. However, what sets humans apart from other beings is their exceptional intellect and capacity to reason, which is exclusive to them. While humans may not be as physically strong as animals, their intelligence is unparalleled. For example, [...]

2023-02-22T20:07:36+00:00February 22nd, 2023|Islam|

Whose Advice Should I Follow? Guidance for New Converts

By Laura El Alam New Muslims often have many questions about how to practice Islam properly. At the same time, they are often bombarded with unsolicited opinions, information, and advice. Whether it’s an unknown brother or sister in the mosque approaching them with a critique, or a random “born Muslim” [...]

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Embrace the change

Uzma Saeed At some point in life, every person reflects on their existence and ponders the purpose of life. Why? As human beings, we possess the ability to reason, which sets us apart from animals. When people begin to look within themselves and feel a strong desire to find [...]

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